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About Us

Montanans have the right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, and historic values of our state.

The Big Horn Conservation District (BHCD) works locally with ranchers, farmers, landowners, and operators to preserve and protect our land and natural resources for future generation.

Chart/map of Montana with Big Horn Conservation District highlighted


Montana’s Conservation Districts (CD) are political subdivisions of the state and are governed by a board of five supervisors elected by local voters in a general election.  In addition, a municipality that has chosen to be incorporated into a district may appoint up to two urban supervisors to represent urban interests on the board.  This combination of officials representing diverse views has a relatively broad scope of authorities.

Because of their unique characteristics and proven track record, CDs have been entrusted by the state with mandated activities such as implementation of the 310 Law and water reservations.  Also, CDs serve as the local point of contact for numerous federal programs.  This is all in addition to the long-standing CD roles such as educating landowners about sound conservation practices, tree planting and organizing outdoor classroom educational activities for school children.


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